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Fall Home Decor Trends 2021


Summer’s gone and for the lovers of sweater weather and hot drinks, Fall is the best time of the year. When Fall makes its presence known with leaves falling from the trees and its colors appear around us, we know that the time for Netflix and chill is here.  It’s also the best of times to redecorate our living room, bedroom, or kitchen with fresh Fall décor ideas for 2021. Here at Dezaart, we will present you with our ideas for this Fall that won’t go unnoticed. Time to crack on with some cool concepts shall we?


 Wreaths with dried flowers, shiny dried fall florals placed in wooden handmade candlesticks, and burgundy or brown leaves are some of the ideas for your home decoration. Traditional handmade woven in shades of gold or pillows in “cinnamon” or brown printed patterns are also some of the trends of this fall décor 2021.


fall decoration candlesticks


The MUST though in this season’s décor is the pumpkin of course.  Nothing beats a pile of pumpkins in different shapes and sizes. Add groupings in your living room corner, next to a fireplace, or even at your dining table. Do you know what fits perfectly next to a pile of pumpkins? A candle. Yes, you heard it, a candle could change your mood completely. Place a set of candles in a wooden candlestick made of chestnut wood and you will see a massive difference in your fall décor 2021. Look at the picture below and get inspired.


Think It, Do It, Change It

If you feel the need to change your home’s feeling this fall, follow our lead let us guide you with our suggestions. Your living room or bedroom could completely change with a set of pillows or a pile of pumpkins, your kitchen could be decorated with a vase full of dried fall florals or a burgundy wreath that could last for the whole year, could totally change your attitude and make your mornings, evenings and nights warm. One of the things you should pay close attention to is the lighting which we will touch later on in the blog.


One of the key trends this fall 2021 is the wooden candlesticks as mentioned in this blog. Combine it with candles or dried florals and step up your fall décor game to the next level. Look at the picture below and get inspired with a set of chestnut wooden candlesticks.


wooden candle holder decor


Lastly, have you ever thought of investing in a wooden table lamp? Did you know that its earthly colors are a must for this fall 2021? Have you also thought of reading your book next to nature?  Well, this fall you could with one of these eco friendly table lamps made from wood.


wood table lamp nature autom


We know that all of these suggestions might sound too much or complicated, however, we believe that simplicity lies in small decorative things. Nature provides everything and with a glimpse of imagination, you could change your home completely.

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