Improve Your Focus with the Right Lighting

Improve Your Focus with the Right Lighting


When you work in a home office or have a school-age child, the type, as well as the quality of lighting in any work area, can help you to increase the level of your productivity.

 We can summarize as follows: Darkness at night, brightness in the day. It’s important to avoid bright light close to bedtime to avoid disrupting our circadian rhythms.

 Our bodies are naturally programmed to operate on a cycle that matches the solar day. This cycle, known as the circadian rhythm, controls many aspects of our physiology, nutrition, metabolism, and behavior. Our circadian rhythm is mainly synchronized by light. The daily and regular exposure to light helps us to achieve a healthy circadian rhythm. But what are the consequences when we don't follow through?

 Most of us, most of the time we tend to achieve the first part- avoid bright light at night- but we fail badly with the second part. Poor home lighting can drain your energy, disturb your mood, cause eye tiredness and headaches, and ultimately impair your ability to work effectively.


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  If you don't have plenty of natural light, then artificial lighting is an absolute must for your workspace. Many home offices have ambient lighting that includes ceiling lights, but it's a mistake to think that these alone are enough to make you more efficient at your work. Existing ambient lighting is not designed for functional lighting in the home office and it is necessary to add additional sources. But which source is considered the right one for your needs?

 When considering adding a light source in your space, there are two key aspects of light to think about: illuminance and color temperature.

 “Illuminance,” measured in lux, represents the amount of light reaching an area from a light source, or what we can think of as its “brightness.” Studies have shown high-illuminance lighting to positively impact productivity including improved vitality and attention sustenance, self-reported and physiological alertness, performance on cognitive tasks, and reduced sleepiness.

 More specifically, the "temperature" of the lighting indicates the appearance of the color. A cooler color - such as blue or white - has been linked to a range of improved productivity outcomes in adults, including better performance, improved ability to concentrate, reduced fatigue, and drowsiness.


Here are a few points to consider when you want to add to your productivity.


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Maximize exposure to daylight.

If you can, position yourself near a window to work and keep your blinds open. Try to take walking breaks outside, especially when the sun comes out, if possible, try to do some of your work outside.


Adjust your indoor lighting settings.

During the daytime, make sure your work area is well-lit. Don’t forget to choose your lighting-set to be bright and cool if possible. Using tunable lighting can help you control brightness. It is absolutely essential for cases like that, to ask the seller before buying a new luminaire if you can dim the light fixture.


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Tune it down at night.

While bright light is important during the day, the opposite is true at night. If you’re working in the evening or night, make sure to start dimming the light intensity and making the light emission warmer when the sunsets.


Always consider where your light is coming from

A light source set behind you as you work on your computer will almost certainly create an annoying glare on your monitor. That doesn’t mean that ambient light is not crucial, consider adding a desk lamp to your work office. Lampshades soften and scatter otherwise harsh light, while an upward-shining floor lamp bounces the light off of walls and ceilings.


Consider Decorative Office Lighting

You may want to add decorative and accent lighting to improve the visual character of your home office. Having a nice environment to work in reduces the distraction of your concentration.


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About Dezaart Lighting

Dezaart Lighting does more than just make your home beautiful. In line with the Scandinavian principles, our lights adjust with you, so you can feel a sense of comfort and coziness throughout the day. As the lights change throughout the day, your safety, visual acuity, and wellness are enhanced.

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