Top 6 Christmas decorating trends for 2021

Top 6 Christmas decorating trends for 2021

It appears Christmas is already on many of our minds and we're all hoping that Christmas 2021 will be a very special celebration, with this year hopefully marking a time when things can return to some kind of normality. If there were ever a year to go all out with your holiday decor, this is it.

Christmas 2021 decor trends, here!  But which Christmas tree ornament should we put on our Christmas tree to make it look fashionable this year? Pink bow or wooden Nutcracker? How to decorate our home for 2021 holidays to be in style? Do you know? I do!


Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

While we’re all about bringing the outdoors in for every element of our holiday décor, there’s nothing like the natural splendor of the Christmas tree itself. Ornaments, garland, and all the tree trimmings are great, but try paring back and letting a bit of greenery peek through.  Remember, the most eco-friendly way to approach your Christmas tree is to go for a real tree that has been grown locally. Or, even better, rent a real tree from a local supplier so it can continue to grow inbetween seasons.


christmas tree

Textured, Layers Of White To Imitate Snow

Continuing the trend of bringing the snowy days of Christmas indoors, white decorations paired against other whites will be a huge trend this year. To add depth and differentiation, we’ll see a rise in soft whites paired with textured white, creating the perfect festive feel in our homes.


Fashionable Christmas Table Decoration

There’s actually only one rule when it comes to the table decoration this year: less decor, more food. Don’t overload your table with candles, flowers, wreaths or any other kitschy decorations and colourful tablecloths. If you must, then decorate with one central piece that is low enough so everyone at the table can see across the table. Ps. Make sure you put a natural centrepiece on your table.


christmas dinning table



 Indoor plants look good all-year round and make great gifts, but they can also make great decorations. Delicately drape some thin wire lights or a thin handmade garland around your plants, or wrap these around the plant pots. Christmas favourites include Poinsettia, Cyclamen, Hyacinth and cute mini Christmas trees.

Dried Floral Weaths

Dried florals have been trending all year long. The colors are a little more muted, the overall look a little more rustic; though if you want a pop of color, consider a style that incorporates dried citrus or peonies and lavender.

dried floral

The Lighting: Keep It Minimal But Cozy

Last but certainly not least on our list of this year’s holiday trends, the lighting. There’s little that’s more romantic or charming than catching sight of a few starry lights through your neighborhood’s windows or basking in the glow of a well-lit tree. Make sure to apply two layers of lights. First, you will want to go around the tree, from bottom to top, pushing the lights into the center of the branches, close to where the branches attach. You then want to do a second stringing of lights on the branches closer to where you will be hanging the ornaments.


christmas lighting


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