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How to bring nature in your home (Step by step guide 2021)

Did you know all spaces of each home could affect our health and mental state? This question might surprise you but it is common truth that the interior of each building could have a large impact in our psychological condition. Did you also know that the materials and textures being used in interior architecture could improve or worsen our inner health?

Wood as a material is very familiar to us human beings. It is also proven that it has an immediate effect to our mental stability. This is why the majority of Greek islands’ architecture and the philosophy of Scandinavian design are using wood as their main constructional element.

How wood affects our mental state: Interiors

Wood has the ability to adjust or balance anxiety levels of the individuals living inside wooden interiors. Studies also have shown that wood also affects human behavior, social approach and observation. 

Different wood stains have also a significant impact to our inner psychology. To be precise, dark wood stains increase anxiety levels causing internal pressure to each person. On the contrary, light wood stains creating a sense of coziness and calmness in each space.

Additionally, a wooden surface, a wall covered by wood or a wooden coffee table could create a sense of security and a feeling of being close to nature.

Step by step guide to a “wood way” of life 2021

Step 1 – Parquet

First step to a natural way of life is wooden flooring. It is one of the most popular solutions to those who love warm interiors. It could be used in all spaces but it is most preferred in bedrooms.

Interior deisgn

(Image credit: Dinesen. Solid plank floors Douglas)

Step 2 – Wooden Furniture

Another common way of bringing nature in your home is wooden furniture. A modern dining table or a coffee table combined with liquid glass could be sufficient enough to make your space more unique and warm. Copy this wood table with liquid glass and you will feel the difference immediately.

wood table 

( Image credit: By furniture maker Greg Klassen)

Step 3 – Lighting

Wood lighting is an effective way of transforming your space. Wood crafting technologies are giving us the opportunity to acquire eccentric and unconventional designs made of wood. A wood pendant light or a wooden table lamp could be more than enough to mildly induct a natural way of life.

wood table light

( Image credit: Dezaart wood table lamp)

wood pendant light 

( Image credit: Dezaart wood pendant light)

Step 4 – Wooden decorative pieces

One last and maybe cost effective way to use wood in your interiors, is small or big decorative piece. If you are unsure about bringing nature in your home, you could start with this step. Wooden candlesticks influenced by organic shapes are an inexpensive way of wood interior design creating a statement corner in your living room.

wood candlestick

( Image credit: Dezaart wooden candlesticks)

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