• About Us

    Since 2015, we have managed to light up more than 12,000 indoor spaces worldwide and steadily increase our presence in different markets.

    At Dezaart, you will find a variety of statement designs to decorate every room in your home.

  • What makes our products unique?

    At Dezaart, we manufacture wooden lighting and home decorations, always choosing high quality wood as our raw material. Wood in itself is a sustainable and time-resistant material and this allows us to provide the best experience to our customer in terms of design as well as quality.

  • What problem are we solving?

    Today when most home products are mass produced items we strive to create a highly aesthetic experience for every interior space.

    All our products are original designs by our architect and manufactured exclusively by us. All our designs are handmade and accessible to everyone.

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  • CNC Router

  • During production, high standard technologies are used (CNC laser, CNC Router). This way, we continue to offer you high aesthetic lighting as well as durable products that meet your needs.


    Our wood products are handmade processed by skilled artisans using premium and eco-friendly lacquered finishes.

  • CNC Laser


The elegant minimalistic design of Dezaart lamps is based on Scandinavian Modern. The main principles of Scandinavian design are functionality, clean forms, long lasting quality, skilful use of nature materials and deliberated details. All our products are exlusive designed by us.


For our products manufacturing we use high-quality natural wood.

Our favorite reason for using natural wood is the finished product. While products made from ceramics, plastics, and other artificial materials may look beautiful, nothing compares to the natural beauty of wood.

  • We try to do our part to help the environment with ecologically friendly materials. Our aim is to positively impact the environment wherever possible.