How to choose the best size of pendant light for your foyer

How to choose the best size of pendant light for your foyer

Foyer is one of the most important places in a modern home as it is the first impression of someone coming to your home. There are types of households though that lack of foyer or even worse, it is not even noticeable.

Although all these might happen, a foyer deserves an all start treatment and that means fixing its lighting set up. A pendant light will alternate the space giving a more intellectual or sophisticated look if you will however, choosing the right light for your entryway might be one of the trickiest products in your interior design.

What’s the best height of a pendant light above the floor?

There is a general rule that most of interior designers use, meaning that the bottom of your pendant light should not be closer than 2 meters (7 ft) above the floor. Of course, it all depends on how high your ceiling is. If your foyer is taller, you should use a small chandelier no longer than 2.5 meters (8 ft) above the floor.

diameter of the pendant light

What usually happens here is that we need to measure the length and width of the room in meters or feet and convert it to inches. The number will reveal how big your pendant light should be. For instance. In a foyer that has a 3 meter (10 ft) by 3 meters (10 ft) size, a pendant light with a 20 inch diameter should be sufficient enough to give you the lighting you need.

Interior designers also mention that this rule might also change depending on the circumstances where the ceiling is higher than expected. What you should do in that situation is to add 3 to 4 inches in diameter of the pendant light to fit the rest of the space.

How height should my pendant light be?

It is inevitable that the height of the room will have an effect on the height of the pendant light itself. Most interior designers believe that your light fixture should be 2 to 3 inches of height for every meter or feet your ceiling height is. For example, an 2 meter (10 ft) ceiling should have a 20 to 30 inches in height pendant light.

pendant light illumination

Since we identified how tall and how big our light will be, it’s time to identify the lighting effect it will be spread to our foyer. There are many different levels of illumination depending on the wattage of all bulbs in the fixture. Do you think we don’t have a formula for you in order to understand how much light you need for your entryway? It’s an easy one don’t worry. You need to multiply the room length by width and once you do, multiply that number by 1.5. The final number will be the wattage you need.

Example: A 10 by 10 foot foyer with an area of 100 square feet, multiplied by 1.5, gives us a wattage fixture of 150 watts. Simple isn’t it?

Caution - Conclusion

Don’t lose yourself in all these mathematic equations. Don’t purchase a pendant light that doesn’t feet your overall interior style. What matter the most is that your light fixture will fit and do the job.

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