Life changing home décor ideas you should consider: Interior design trends for 2022

Life changing home décor ideas you should consider: Interior design trends for 2022


It’s this time of the year that everyone is already talking about 2022. Everyone is anticipating it as it will spark the flame for an overall change in all aspects of our lives. One of these aspects it’s your home décor and now as we speak, it’s the perfect time to start redecorating or searching about home trends and shop what you believe will be best for you.

Hello, my name is Teo and I will be your personal guide for this forthcoming year’s home décor trends.

Before we dive into the trends of 2022, do we actually know what a trend is? How do we really define it? In simple words, trend is a general direction in which something will change or develop. So basically, we are not just talking about fashion but reorganizing our interior space focusing on comfort and calm. Covid has caused many changes in our lives and of these was to nurture a home environment where everyone will feel happy and safe.

So, are we ready to explore the new home décor trends for 2022?


vintage home decor 2021


Vintage lovers this is your year

Due to the rise of Covid cases and increase of environmental awareness, everyone will turn their focus on vintage designs. Why is that? By definition, vintage is a greener choice, and the patterns crafted on furniture are difficult to replicate.

So in 2022, vintage is and will be a sustainable option, will add character and personality to your interior décor and will show a love and respect for the history and appreciation for antiques. Additionally, depending on size and shape and color, these antiques will give a playful tone to your home décor.


natural material decoration

Natural material are here to stay

With the shift to environmental awareness, come natural materials. Living room will be in the front line as individuals are searching longevity and timelessness. Materials such as wood provide that feel as everyone is looking for a more responsible way to decorate their living spaces.

Wood could provide that calming comfort everyone will seek for 2022. In addition to wood, stone and marble will have a big impact in interior trends of 2022 especially in bathrooms, kitchens and small furniture such as coffee tables. A mix of warmer tones of wood travertine are the combination that will stand out next year.


Earth colors

Embrace the colors of the Earth plus an extra hint!!

We feel that switching from dark to rich and lighter colors will be the trend for 2022. Brown, copper, Eucalyptus or even olive green, are some of the tones we are searching next year. Tone on tone, for example, brown on brown could give the essence of some retro fashion. It seems that brown will be the new black in 2022.

If you want to use red, yellow or blue, will be used but in a simple way. Think more like a Mediterranean than anything else.

Extra hint: Add some black accents if you like but make sure you will use them for contrast and not as the main decorative color.


versalite spaces

Versatile spaces

This pandemic made us understand that home is a haven where all rooms and spaces could be used for different activities. Good example is a dining table or a kitchen island as they could be used as a desk for reading or working from home.

For this reason, we need multifunctional furniture such as fold-away desks, multipurpose tables or modern daybeds to help us work efficiently from home. It doesn’t matter if you space is large or small, think smart and invest money only in designs that serve multipurpose.


Curves, lines and zig zags

Starting with lines, the focus is shifting towards geometry and symmetry. For example, tiles will become more geometric using mosaics to dress your kitchen windows or bathroom walls.

Curves are always a hot topic and always on trend. Organic, imperfect curves or soft rounded shapes are appearing in homeware giving an extra architectural detail in your housing.

Lastly, Zig zags will bring some 1980s vibes and reestablish a trend from the past. Zig zags will be textured in furniture, vessels or even bed sheets.



Timeless Minimalism

As the title says, timeless minimalism, always in fashion, always trending. Minimalism is not only about minimal decoration but also about minimal use of furniture. The most important aspect of this decoration is that by freeing space, we have room for air.

During pandemic, people started to get rid of non functional things that stand in the way of making their lives simpler and easier. Now is the perfect time for decluttering furniture you don’t need like old wardrobes or old fashioned decoration. Careful though, don’t throw vintage furniture as this will be the number one trend.


Secret tip

We have a secret ingredient for you, a color that will top up your game in 2022. Yes, a specific color could alternate your interiors completely, so our top suggestion for this year is to go GREEN. Green could consider one of the top earthy colors and probably the Color of the year according to major paint companies. Green and its hues such us emerald green will bring nature inside and make a difference in 2022.


green room


Final Thoughts

We understand that there is a lot of information to digest but we are confident that your imagination will work nicely and in 2022, your house will stand out to any competition. We highly suggest focusing on green and vintage furniture, we do love the environment and we want to use sustainable materials. 

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