Parametric Design- Meet the Future of Interior Design

Parametric Design- Meet the Future of Interior Design

Trends of interior design follow each season and its characteristics. Today, with the development of technology, the constant flow of information and the need to relate with nature, architects and decorators have introduced another fresh and unusual tendency. The Parametrics. Let’s take a look!


παραμετρικός σχεδιασμός

How were Parametrics born?

Zaha Hadid, an architect with a tend for deconstruction and futuristic motifs, is the one who first created parametric designs. We are in the 80’s with the intense social changes that are reflected in every creative field with bright colors, abstract designs, proposals that require change and distance from everything straight and strict.

παραμετρική εσωτερική διακόσμηση

Characteristics of Parametric Design

This radical design has aesthetic and practical elements, too. It is a trend based on modern computer programs, geometry and rendering as natural flows and shapes as possible. Angles and straight lines are set aside while curves and natural ripples take their place as we meet them to water waves, dunes and textures such as wood or stone. Another important element of parametrics is the linkage between modern cosmopolitan man and natural environment.

παραμετρικό φωτιστικό σε καθιστικό

How to decorate your space with Parametrics?

Parametrics are result of a special design, so you can not make it your own. Wall textures, seats, benches or lighting fixtures can be made as parametrics, only by architects or experts as each part of them is unique, assymetric or of a different shape. The result is impressive and exclusive!

They are formed by continuous lines to capture the cycle of life in nature. High aesthetics and functionality are their trademark. They are easily combined both in classic spaces and in modern ones. You can add to your minimal or Scandinavian styled home a parametric pendant lamp that will catch the eye!

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