Top 4 Lighting Trends to look out in 2022

Top 4 Lighting Trends to look out in 2022

 Lighting is one of the most significant elements in interior designs. There are thousands of studies to indicate that any form of lighting could not only affect our mood but transform a place into something completely different.     

What is happening though when you are ready to purchase your new light? Is it going to be a ceiling one, table lamp or something completely different?     

Don’t worry because in Dezaart we are more than happy to present you this years’ lighting trends. 


1 - Oversized Pendant Lighting



Many homeowners were used to simplicity and minimalism as the usual trend of lighting. That’s why they were always choosing medium to small lighting textures to accompany the natural lighting and give a small tone to the night’s lighting environment.     

 This year though, things have changed as oversized pendant lighting will be the key focus. Open plan living areas are becoming a thing lately, and what better way to compliment them with a statement piece of light in an oversized texture? In that case, minimal lighting will not work living a big space empty to be filled.       

This type of spaces needs a pendant light to stand out, to make its presence known with its features and lighting rays. If you belong to this category, choose an oversized ceiling light and impress your friends and family with your choice.


2 - Eco Friendly Lighting



As years will go by, eco friendly will continue to grow. More and more people are choosing sustainable lighting for their homes. Protecting the environment will always be a trend no matter what is happening to the interior industry. It’s not just about the energy efficient bulbs, but also about the material of the pendant light being made. Always choose wood over metal, help the environment by investing in a wood pendant light.


3 - Black textures or brasses


Brass is coming hot this year. You will find it mostly in kitchen appliances and general home décor but yes, it’s coming to lighting fixtures as well. An effective way to compliment your interiors with a brass pendant light in Scandinavian design.       

Wood pendant lighting with black textures is also a big thing this year. White and black, or wood and black combined will be a massive thing in 2022.       

Think of your dining area with a statement piece textured with black finishes? Impressive isn’t it? 


4 -Simplicity and Minimalism will always be a thing


Yes, we know, we said that it will not be a thing this year but, if you live in a small house, or you want to buy a pendant light for your small room, then minimal is all you need. Not only it’s a practical solution but it’s easy on the eye.     

The simplicity and minimalism trend helps declutter spaces from unnecessary objects but could also achieved on a small budget without sacrificing your life and your monthly earnings.     

Basic colouring combined with symmetrical lines will add consistency into your interiors. 



There are many ways to find your lighting and feel the chilled vibes you are looking for. There are 4 trends to choose from this year, pretty straight forward and clear. It all comes down to your interiors, living room, bedroom or dining area. Go big if it’s for your living room, choose minimal for your bedroom and add some black textures for your dining area.       

You see? Combining all styles together so you are completely in the trends.       

And most importantly, don’t you ever forget the table lamps!!!


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