Top 6 Christmas gifts for the home, made of wood 2021 edition

Top 6 Christmas gifts for the home, made of wood 2021 edition


It’s almost December and we are already feeling the Christmas vibes aren’t we? The question here is, have you sorted out your Christmas gifts?

I bet you haven’t yet so here we are at Dezaart to give you some great ideas and help you choose the best presents for this holiday season 2021.

As lovers of interior décor, we believe that a gift for a home is more valuable than a personal present. It gives a feeling of contribution to a space someone feels safe. It’s like contributing to a community of some sort.

Since we are lovers of wood as well, we will present you with the best possible ideas for the perfect wooden Christmas craft for 2021.


Gift Number Uno

Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Yes, it is as simple as you are thinking right now reading this blog. Not only you could buy them at a low price, but you could also make them if you think you are DIY lover.

Wooden Christmas ornaments could be very personal as you could engrave any phrase or name you like. Here are a few examples that you could buy or make this holiday season:

 wood decorations


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Wooden Lantern

A wooden lantern could be one of the old time classics. Honestly, think about it, who wouldn’t love a cool piece of home décor like this especially if it’s made from wood?

You could ask, why not a metallic lantern? Because wood, not only will bring nature inside someone’s interiors (or at least a sense of nature) but also will provide character.

Again, if you are DIY lover, a wooden lantern is one of the easiest crafts to make but when complete, it’s one of the most gorgeous designs.

Here are some perfect examples of a wooden lantern:

wood decorations

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Decorative Wooden Vase

A decorative wooden vase can always be a point of interest in any space. That could be the living room, dining table or even a kitchen counter. Vases in general, are one of the most ancient ways of decorating a space. When it’s combined with flowers, it could certainly capture the attention and provide a unique impression to friends and family. A simple, yet perfect gift for this Christmas.

Some examples of decorative wooden vases are here:


wooden vase


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Wooden Jenga

Who doesn’t know Jenga. Certainly, it’s one of the games we have played multiple times in gatherings. Timeless, yet unique, a wooden Jenga is a great gift for every home and a decorative piece bringing sophistication and harmony to the space. Additionally, there is nothing better to play on Christmas day than a good old game of Jenga.


wooden jenga


Gift number Cinco

Personalized Wooden Photo Holders

What’s could be characterized as a perfect gift? Something that’s meaningful and personal perhaps. What about a personalized wooden photo holder?

A handmade wooden photo holder is the perfect gift for her and for him, for a family or relatives. Everyone has a photo to display and this holder will add some style and uniqueness to the space.


wooden photo holders



Gift Number Seis

Wooden Candle Holders in Organic Shape

A set of organic wooden candle holders will add a tone of Scandinavian elegance adding some warmth and calming mood to the environment. A unique gift, inspired by nature and its shapes will bring harmony and balance to any interior décor.

Imagine using them at your Christmas dinner, or lighting up your space on those winter nights that get dark early. Worst case scenario, you could use them in a power shortage (god forbid of course). A handy yet elegant gift for every home.


wood candle holders

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