What is a pendant light and where it differs from a chandelier?

What is a pendant light and where it differs from a chandelier?

Pendant Lighting or a Chandelier? Which one would be best for your space? Which one would be the king of your home lighting? Are pendant lights and chandeliers the same thing? What is the actual difference?

Many questions seeking for an answer, right? Don’t worry because in this blog we will give you all the knowledge you need in order to pick the right one for your personal space.


What is a pendant light and what is a chandelier?

Let’s start by differentiating these two lighting products. A Pendant light is a light fixture suspended from the ceiling with only one single light bulb into its fixture. A Chandelier, on the other side, is a suspended light with multiple bulbs into one single light fixture.


Cost of pendant light vs a chandelier?

For starters, it’s fair to say that chandeliers are more expensive than pendant lights. An average price for a pendant light could start from $10 to $7.000. Usually though, most people tend to spend around $120 to $300 per light.


Wood Pendant Light FAT BALLOONWood Pendant Light RHOMBUS ORBITWood Pendant Light ELLIPTIC ORBIT


On chandeliers things are a bit different. An average price starts from $39 and goes up to $14.000. Usually here, people tend to spend from $300 to $700 per chandelier depending on the type of building and interior design.


Suspension difference between chandeliers and pendant lights?

The suspension difference between these two types of light fixtures is significant and a quick way to identify which one is which. Historically, a chandelier would have candles in place instead of bulbs. For this reason, they used to hang them from a chain to support their heavy weight.

For a pendant light, the suspension is a simple cord or chain hanging from a ceiling cup. There could be more lights included in a pendant light, but the suspension remains the same.

Another difference is the installation process. To install a chandelier is more complicated than installing a pendant light that’s why many suggest using a professional lighting engineer to install it safely. A pendant light on the other hand, is pretty easy to install it yourself.

Watch this tutorial here and you will be a pro in no time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBPVQchr170

Stylistic differences of a chandelier vs pendant light?

Generally speaking, a pendant light is more simplistic than a chandelier. This doesn’t mean that pendant lights are not as attractive as a chandelier. Searching in a higher than average price on a pendant light, you could possibly find some gems to decorate your interior design however, most people prefer a simple yet stunning look for their lighting fixture.

A chandelier is more of a showpiece, a piece of jewelry for your living room for example. The lighting fixture which will attract your visitors for its elegance and luminosity. There is a reason why chandeliers are usually used in public rooms of the house.


wood pendant light and chandelier

How versatile are both lighting fixtures?

Since there is a variation of styles between these lights, there are different levels of versatility. Chandeliers could be used in the center of a room as a main source of ambient lighting, living corners of a room in a darker shade. Also, due to their size, you should be careful of your head. As funny as it may sounds, this is a general problem of this type of lighting fixture.

A pendant light on the other side, have a greater utility because they are simply smaller. If you want to add some lighting to your kitchen or bedroom, you could solve your problem with a pendant light or two. Pretty easy huh?

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