Small wood table lamps for living room: Pro tips on choosing and placing

Small wood table lamps for living room: Pro tips on choosing and placing


I think we all agree that a living room is the key place of all houses, especially after a long day at work. It’s the mecca of relaxation, the main place for family movies and all sorts of gatherings.

Do we also need to mention how lighting could improve the quality of daily life and make us feel happier or safer as we rest or have fun? Research shows that lighting affects our emotions, productivity, and motivation.

Do you also know that small wood table lamps for the living room could be more sufficient than any sort of pot lighting for instance? Why that is someone might ask.

The answer is simple. Pot lighting might be a cheap solution for new homes but it cannot replace the source of lighting we need for some of our most common tasks such as reading or relaxing, plus small wood table lamps are eye catching.


living room rading book


Let’s start with a small introduction to small wooden table lamps. Most will say that table lamps are used as a reading light or for others could be just a decorative statement piece of lighting. We understand that small wood table lamps might not be the main lighting source in our living room décor however, these specific table lamps could bring the personality of the room in the surface and fill the rest of the lighting space working together with the main source of light.


How to choose a small wood table lamp for your living room?

First and foremost, we need to understand that wood table lamps are very unique. You are bringing a piece of nature into your living room. Think of it as a statement piece of jewelry and a part of the living room that will inspire your friends, family, and you of course to use it. Before choosing shapes and styles, take a step back and think of your decoration. Think of your seating style and of the tables included in the room. Which style of a small wood table lamp fits your decoration?


small wood table lamp


A different approach would be that if it does not match 100% with the rest of the room, you could introduce it as a different texture. Play with its form and function, search the perfect place, research where its layers will provide ambient lighting to bring some life to your room.

So we agree that choosing the right small wood table lamp for your living room could be as important as choosing your main pendant light for example. It should also fit your living room’s style, that’s clear by now. Is it modern, traditional, mid century modern, or even minimal? With all these in mind, it comes down to which shape or style will fit your space the most.


small wood table lamp

How to place it across your living room?

One might ask where I shall put my small wood table lamp in order to get the maximum of its lighting and feel the maximum coziness.

Starting with dark corners, placing a wood table lamp there will make the room feel bigger and completely illuminate the space. What’s the best part about small wood table lamps? Their size allows you to be creative and place them literally anywhere across the living room you like. Places like sofas or armchairs could spark the excitement of someone who will run to that space. We need to make sure that none of the table lamps will disrupt the flow of a conversation or a small nap in any living room.

There is a case that your living room faces at the north without direct sun rays to fill it. We need to put some extra thought into where a small wood table lamp should be placed. Ιn this case, you could put it or them parametrically to complement your central piece of lighting.

We all have treasures in our living room. Those special features we believe in their uniqueness and that no one else has them. Why don’t we lighten them up with a table lamp? Put some extra lighting and highlight this little treasure like this Buddha in the picture below.


table lamp decoration


Pro tip!!!!

Always measure the size of the shade. Bigger shades might not fit next to a relaxed sofa. Small shades might not fit a dark corner.

So our pro tip here is to be aware of the shade of the wood table lamp in order to complement the space it will be placed.

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